October 18, 2014

Rick Snyder and Terri Lynn Land are bad for Michigan Seniors

Rick Snyder and Terri Lynn Land have had damaging effects seniors. Snyder’s senior pension tax has hurt seniors. These two “TAX and Spend Extremist” have continued to attack seniors and they have even more plans for future attacks.

Terri Lynn Land has on her agenda to privatize social security, end Medicare as we know it and claims she would have voted to shut down the government to get her way instead of working in a bipartisan manner for the American people of Michigan. “Land is just another Tea Party Extremist”

We need politicians in Lansing and Washington who are willing to work hard for ALL the people they represent in Michigan in a professional bipartisan manner.

Click on the links below to see and print these very important pieces of information to pass along to your senior family and friends.



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