About Us

The Alliance for Retired Americans is a nationwide coalition of community and union organizations working together making our senior voices heard on the laws, policies, politics and institutions that shape our lives. Our mission is to advance public policy that protects and promotes the health and economic security of older Americans.

The Michigan Alliance for Retired Americans works on the assumption that no one will do it for us, and we must work to obtain recognition and action for ourselves. In other words, we are our own advocates.

Michigan Alliance members are predominantly retired from a job that included membership in a union. We are interested in, and are actively building, community based coalitions.

The premise of unionism, concerted self-representation, and the development of collective action – collective bargaining are the underlying drivers for us. Representational governance in the workplace continues into the community beyond our work lives.

The Michigan Alliance has a multi-pronged approach.
• Self-Awareness of the Issues – Issue Education
• Self-Representation with Legislators – Issue Advocacy Directly with the Elected Officials
• Self Determination and Voluntary Action to Get Out The Vote and Elect Those Who Agree on ARA Principles of Retirement Security.

We are an organized voice advocating for retirement security and therefore advocating for the security of Main Street. Economic stability is a prime goal.

Living in our own homes with access to services that stabilize us in our communities has been proven to be less costly and beneficial for all concerned.

We are the generation that created the idea of productivity and did it. We became the most productive workforce in the world and transformed the idea of the modern city and suburb into a reality. We want to continue to live into that reality as long as possible, spending our incomes where we live. In short, we want to age in place.

Our issues are Economic Security – Pensions, Social Security, Avoiding Poverty, and Fair Taxes; Healthcare – Access to Affordable Healthcare before 65, Medicare, Prescription Drugs, Medicaid; Housing and Services- Affordable Housing, Long-Term Care, Community Services, Kinship Care, and Protective Services.

What we also have is power – power at the ballot box.