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October 29, 2016

Protect Our Democracy Time to Get Out the Vote

The November 8, 2016 election, beyond a doubt, is the most important election of our lifetime. If Republicans win, our democracy will suffer a huge blow and untold harm will be done to the health and security of retirees. The key focus will be on the presidential race. The next United States President and the U. S. Senate will determine the makeup of the Supreme Court for decades to come. Donald Trump has promised to appoint extreme reactionaries to the bench. Democrats are working hard to regain control of the United States Senate and make inroads in the United States House of Representatives. At the state level, friends of labor unions and middle class Michiganders stand a good chance of winning a majority in the House. As seniors, we must vote for those who will protect our healthcare and ensure the rights of all workers to form unions and collectively bargain.

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