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October 29, 2016

MiARA Joins with the National Alliance in Support of Clinton-Kaine

Citing her commitment to expand Social Security, strengthen Medicare, and rein in prescription drug prices, the Executive Board of the Alliance for Retired Americans voted to endorse Hillary Clinton for President of the United States. Robert Roach, Jr., President of the ARA, stated, “No one has been more ready to provide seniors with what they need on day one.” As president, Hillary Clinton will protect our traditional pension plans from attack. “She will stop the proposed TPP Trade Agreement before it locks in patent protections and makes it more difficult for the federal Government to reduce prescription costs in public programs like Medicare.” Alliance Secretary-Treasurer Joseph Peters said, “Secretary Clinton has our full support as she will protect the rights and interests of older Americans.” Peters went on to say, “She has an unmatched record of public service and has earned a lifetime score of 100 percent from the Alliance for her pro-retiree votes as a U. S. Senator. In addition to the endorsement of the ClintonKaine ticket, the Michigan Alliance has endorsed Victoria Valentine for Circuit Court in Oakland County and Todd Fox for the 51st District Court in Waterford. To see a complete list of endorsed candidates, consult your local union’s website. The following unions are MiARA members: Michigan Education Association; United Auto Workers- International; United Steel Workers; American Federation of Teachers-Michigan; American Postal Workers Union; American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees.

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