January 15, 2014

MiARA October 2014 Newsletter

Seniors Need to Vote on November 4, 2014

When turnout is huge, we win. When turnout is low, we lose.

Midterm elections are as important as other elections. Everything from the governor’s office to school board seats is fought over. History shows us that in some cases, one vote can determined the outcome of a race. Do not let this happen.

Be sure that you, your family, friends and neighbors are informed and vote absentee ballots or get to the polls on November 4th.

MiARA has looked at many state-wide candidates—what they stand for and what they have done for seniors. Please consider voting for the following candidates:

Governor–Mark Schauer
Lt. Governor–Lisa Brown Secretary of State–Godfrey Dillard Attorney General–Mark Totten United States Senate–Gary Peters State Board of Education:

Cassandra Ulbrich Pamela Smith

University of Michigan Board of Regents:

Kathryn White Michael Behm

Wayne State University Board of Governors:

Dana Thompson Marilyn Kelly

Michigan State University Board of Governors:

George Perles Faylene Owens

Michigan Supreme Court (8 yr. term):

Richard Bernstein Judge William Murphy

Michigan Supreme Court (Partial Term): Judge Deborah Thomas

Many countywide and local candidates are running for election. A good source of information regarding local candidates is available by contacting your union affiliate. For example, the UAW has lists of endorsed candidates by county, and the MEA has lists of state and local recommended candidates.

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